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Integrity Moments
August 23, 2008. Rick and Keith are joined by Andy Eby from Bickford Senior Living. Andy discusses his decision to move  from NFL lineman to business operator and the way God's plan for all of us is reflected in the day to day decisions at Bickford Senior Living.
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August 16, 2008. Rick & Keith are joined by Nelson Hopkins & Dave Geenans to discuss the Christian response to ex-convicts in the workplace.
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Martin Hess of Business Fellowship International joins Rick & Keith as they continue to explore the workplace and expressing faith. The apostle Paul's exhortation to "work as unto the Lord" is the scriptural foundation for today's discussion.
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Rick and Keith continue the series of shows on becoming a servant christian in the workplace. You can be a witness for Christ at work!
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Join Rick and his guest, Jeff Rouse of Chik Fil A, as they share a remarkable story of faith in the workplace. There are companies that get it right. You will be moved by Jeff's testimony of support and encouragement in the midst of personal tragedy.
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Financial advisor Gary Nagel is Rick's guest today. Together they investigate the meaning of stewardship and generosity. What does is mean to live in the knowledge that God owns it all? Learn from the experiences of others and the wisdom of scripture!
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Becoming a servant Christian is today's topic. Bill High, founder of Servant Christian Community Foundation, joins Rick and Keith to share stories of generosity in the workplace and the empowering Christian culture those gifts can create!
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